Meet the Team

Scott Truitt | Principal

Scott has been designing corporate identities and branded environments, primarily for retail, for over 25 years.

He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornish College of the Arts, and worked for design firms in the Seattle area prior to founding TRUITT | Brand Design in 2004.

Scott has worked with local, national, and international clients throughout North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, with projects ranging from a funeral home, to a body piercing studio, to a gallery featuring the masters of fine art, historical antiques, and multi-million dollar jewelry.

In his personal time, you’ll find Scott enjoying fine wine and gourmet food, traveling, and building furniture in the wood shop.  Not necessarily in that order.

Jeff Hall | Lead Graphic Designer

Jeff received his Bachelor of Art degree in Graphic Design from Western Colorado University, and has been designing print, web, and signage graphics for 15 years.

In addition to being incredibly creative with respect to design and marketing, Jeff has a unique ability to see and understand the big picture, developing a cohesive message and visual design direction over an entire project.

Amber Daley | Copy Writer/Social Media

Amber is a copywriter and editor who believes that, behind every brand, lies a great story. She specializes in content strategy and development — a niche that has allowed her to help established organizations, emerging businesses, and nonprofits tell these stories.

Whether she’s writing a white paper, a case study for a startup, or a series of blog posts, Amber is motivated by a sincere desire to see her clients succeed — which is reflected in her attention to detail, research capabilities, and enthusiasm for her work.

These days, when she’s not at her keyboard, Amber is either practicing her Greek (badly) or practicing deep breathing/cold-water immersion in the Boise River (also badly). She rewards herself with trips to the farmers market, wine country, and her local ramen house.

Our Clients

(We’d Love to Add You to This List)

Aqua-Quip Pool and Spa
Aries Apparel
Atlantis Casino
Baltimore Ravens
Barclay Dean Construction
Benjamin Moore Paint Company
bioMechanix Physical Therapy
Brigade Quartermasters
Carpet Center
Cartier International
Cellar 17
Coleman Camping Products
Complexions Rx
Consolidated Restaurants | Quincy’s Gourmet Burgers
Corning Consumer Products
Costco Wholesale
Cushy Life
dfw Diamonds
Dollar Wise
Earth & Vine
Everett Mall
Evergreen Washelli | Abbey View Funeral Home
Experience Music Project
Eyes Nouveau
Flowers n Fluff
Grand Central Coffee Station
Good True Beautiful
Greener Lifestyles
InBliss Coaching and Consulting
Intermountain Legal Group
Iris Body Piercing
Kure Vapes
The Luxury Of Leather
Mealey’s Furniture
Metro Mart
Miller Brewing Company
Moo & Oink

Moto Bravo
MS Rau
MulvannyG2 Architecture | SiteFolio
Norm Thompson
Novak Construction
Office Depot
Ordway Drugs
Paper Zone
Perry Rubber Bike Shop
Picasso Exotic Aquatics
Pittsburgh Steelers
Ready Reading Glasses | goo goo eyes
Revolutionary Clinics
Ride Snow Boards
Rochester Redwings
Runway Seven
Seattle Seahawks
Seattle SuperSonics
Sensual Chocolatiers
Serious Cigars
Silver Comet Depot
Skybells Marché
Snake River Interiors
Sterling Automotive
STA Travel
Street Corner Urban Market
The Studio Shop
Thomasville Furniture
Thrift Town
Warehouse Shoe Sales
Waypoint Residential
Wizards of the Coast

What Our Clients Say

It was really critical to us to find someone who would work with us as a team, and to help us design a gallery that truly reflected who we are rather than who they are. TRUITT | Brand Design pushed us to evolve as a brand, while also respecting our 100 year history as a company. Our clients are amazed and inspired by our new gallery, and our sales reflect that.

– Bill Rau, Owner | MS Rau

TRUITT | Brand Design hit our design out of the park. We get people every day saying that ours is not only the nicest body-piercing studio they’ve been in – it’s the nicest store they’ve been in. Period. In a down economy, our average ticket is more than double what our competitors’ are.

– Jesse Dobbs, Owner | IRIS

We’ve worked with TRUITT | Brand Design since day 1. Scott is our Brand Guru. Our entire brand image, and a large part of our success are TRUITT | Brand Design’s doing. We couldn’t have achieved this level of success without them.

– Diana Marsden, Owner | Aries Apparel

Our store environment is perfect. It’s… us. It’s everything we wanted and dreamed our store to be.

– Karen Young, Owner | Picasso Exotic Aquatics

Our branding and corporate identity work with TRUITT | Brand Design not only clarified our Brand Message for our customer, but also for us. Now we know what to talk about when we introduce our company to new clients that will engage them and get them excited about what we’re doing. And we have the focus and clarity for ourselves to know what not to do.

– Shannyn Flory | Owner, Waypoint Residential

This Should Be a 2-Way Conversation

I'm as guilty as the next guy about relying on email - probably more so.  And if that's your preferred way to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you - shoot me a note.

But consider this:  If you've come this far, you're thinking we might be a good fit for each other.  We can find out in about 15 minutes on the phone, or through several emails over several days.  What's your time worth?

I don't do "sales calls" - this will be a "get to know" call.  I want to know that you're the right client for us just as badly as you want to know that we're the right consultant for you.  Let's find out.  If not, maybe I can point you in the right direction.  You may come to find that it's the best call you've ever made...

You're reaching for the phone now...  I can feel it...  I'm waiting...

Scott Truitt, Principal

t: 206.714.5972