We Believe:

What People Want
Most is to Feel

We Believe:

Great Retailers
Connect to Their
We Design Stores
That Make Those

People Don’t Buy


We all have too much stuff already.  People – Customers – buy the intangibles that surround the stuff: what the stuff does for us, and how it makes us feel.  That’s what you need to be selling.

Our Process


It’s important to understand that Retail Design is a means to an end.  The end goal is not to design a beautiful store – beautiful stores go out of business every day.  The goal is to make an emotional connection with your customer that leads to increased sales.  Design is just the means by which we make that connection.  The first step toward achieving that goal is to understand who you are, who your customer is, and what connects you to them in an emotional way.

We call that step Brand Strategy.

During this short, but powerful phase we will take you and your team through a series of exercises designed to help identify and articulate who you are as a company, who your customer is, and what the emotional triggers are that connect you to them.


Armed with that understanding, we then set to the task of designing your store, corporate identity, or web site, focusing the flow and visual cues on communicating your unique brand identity and value proposition to forge a meaningful connection.

We like to say, “We design everything that’s not holding the roof up” – space planning, fixture design & selection, casework, colors and materials selections, lighting, signage and graphics, audio/visual displays – everything that impacts the customer experience.  All of these elements working in concert to provide a unique brand experience that sets you apart from your competition and creates customer loyalty and engagement.


Some of Our Best Work (So Far)

We hope that what you’ll see in our portfolio of work is our client’s passion for what they do, and their passion for connecting with their customer on a shared set of values and interests.  What you won’t see is TRUITT Brand Design.

This Should Be a 2-Way Conversation

I'm as guilty as the next guy about relying on email - probably more so.  And if that's your preferred way to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you - shoot me a note.

But consider this:  If you've come this far, you're thinking we might be a good fit for each other.  We can find out in about 15 minutes on the phone, or through several emails over several days.  What's your time worth?

I don't do "sales calls" - this will be a "get to know" call.  I want to know that you're the right client for us just as badly as you want to know that we're the right consultant for you.  Let's find out.  If not, maybe I can point you in the right direction.  You may come to find that it's the best call you've ever made...

You're reaching for the phone now...  I can feel it...  I'm waiting...

Scott Truitt, Principal

t: 206.714.5972

e: info@truittbranddesign.com